Guanzon says libel charges could be filed for viral video

Former Commissioner Rowena Guanzon of the Commission on Elections said the person who posted the video of her berating drunk persons on the sidewalk during the Dinagsa Festival in Cadiz City that has gone viral could face libel charges.

The video was posted with malice as it did not capture the entire incident, Guanzon said.

“What you saw in the video posted on Facebook is untruthful,” she said.

“They are trying to portray that I am abusive and violent which is not true, none of them were hurt,” she said.

She said when she passed Magsaysay Street on her way home there were two people drinking Red Horse and one was waving his arm as he was smoking.

“I told them not to smoke on the sidewalk as someone could get hurt and all of a sudden someone shouted ‘is this your side walk’, bumped my shoulder and stepped on my left foot that has arthritis,” she said.

So she got mad and shouted at that person, Guanzon said.

The person tried to approach her so she pointed her cane at him and told him to move back, but he pushed his body on to the end of her cane, she added.

She said her cane is not a weapon, it has a rubber end.

The person who posted the video caused her harm and affected her peace of mind, Guanzon said.

Cyn Thia, who posted the video, said Guanzon kept cursing and poking the visiting uncle of her husband with her cane so she took a video of what was happening.

She also questioned how Guanzon could have been stepped on and said that they were worried about their safety.*

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