Digicast Negros, an independent news site based in Bacolod City, is committed to unbiased journalism. 
Publishing of advertisements and sponsored content on our platforms will still be guided by our principles and core values. 
We have listed the following guidelines in order to protect our integrity and the trust of our readers while working with our advertisers and sponsors:

  1. Digicast Negros will not enter into an advertising deal if it compromises its principles, such as independence and integrity.
  2. The editorial team will not create, edit, and contribute to the production of the advertising content. An advertisement will be marked as “Advertisement.”
  3. Advertisers are responsible for the content. However, it must comply with the editorial guidelines, pertinent laws, and must not be misleading.
  4. The editorial team reserves the right to reject or remove any content if it is inaccurate, misleading, and could harm the news site’s reputation. 
  5. For sponsored content, the editorial team will accept funding from sponsors to create the content, but it should be consistent with Digicast’s journalism standards. 
  6. The sponsored content must be editorially-independent. The produced story must also be identified as “Sponsored Content.”
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