Yulo: DA cloud seeding good but damage already done 

Rep. Emilio Yulo III (Neg. Occ., 5th District) and Gov. Eugenio Jose Lacson hope the expected Department Agriculture cloud seeding operations can still save badly damaged crops in Negros Occidental. 

The problem is not the lack of seedable clouds, the DA did not prepare a budget despite its knowing that El Niño would hit, Yulo said. 

The DA 6 this week said seedable clouds have been spotted in WV but the release of a budget for cloud seeding was still being followed up at its head office. 

Knowing the slow government process the horse may be dead by the time they start cloud seeding, Yulo said. 

We hope the cloud seeding can help but the damage has already been done, Yulo said. 

Lacson said the DA in March reported that there were no seedable clouds in Negros to induce rain 

Now they have come back in May to say that seedable clouds have been spotted, but they are still availing of the funds, Lacson said. 

The governor was informed that P6 million is needed for 55 hours of cloud seeding operations. 

The province will be coordinating with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines as the cloud seeding operations will take off from the airport, Lacson said. 

Lacson said he will inquire from the DA regional director on Monday if the funds have been downloaded so the cloud seeding can start. 

We welcome this cloud seeding, Lacson said, adding that  he thinks it could help the sugar industry recover some of its losses.* 

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