Tips to land an online job (Part 2)


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Prepare your device, internet, and power backup.

Since you are applying for an online job, it is imperative that you have a good internet connection. By good internet connection, we mean stable and reliable.

For most online jobs, especially jobs that require you to call/chat with a client or customer, you will need higher internet speed.

Although most accept 10 Mbps download/upload speed, a candidate with faster internet is always chosen from the bunch. (But of course, there is also ping, latency, and bandwidth testing that we do from our end).

As for the device, you cannot have a stable online job just with your tablet or smartphone. Most companies/clients require a PC or laptop that has a good memory and processor to support the tools and the systems for work. We usually require at least Core i5 or Ryzen 5 or higher. RAM should have at least 4GB of usable memory or higher.

Blackouts and power outages are also part of the new normal. But since power is very important if you are doing an online job, you need to have a good battery in your laptop or a backup power supply.

Generators are expensive but there are cheaper power banks that can support your laptop for a few hours. When all else fails, malls and co-working spaces will do. However, if you are doing a voice, then it may not be acceptable as it will be very noisy.

For those doing a voice, invest in a good quality noise-cancelling headset. No matter how good you are, if you are not clear and audible, it will not do you any good.

Most clients/companies only process candidates who pass technical requirements upon application. Though some may get lucky to find clients who will provide, it is not always the case.

Most people think getting an online job is easy. I thought so at first. But it takes a lot, really a lot of moolah and it is also expensive.

However, in the long run with the right job, right client, and opportunity, you will have your return of investment – doubled, tripled, maybe.*


Madia Ma. Katrina Dajao-Suplico is an overseas human resources specialist in training and recruitment for an online e-commerce company.

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