Moises Padilla employees swabbed for COVID tests

Employees of the municipal government of Moises Padilla underwent mandatory swab testing today, December 7, after two of their co-workers tested positive for the virus.

This prompted Moises Padilla Mayor Ella Garcia-Yulo to issue an executive order implementing a temporary lockdown on various offices of the local government, pending the COVID-19 test results of its employees.

All government employees who underwent swab testing are required to go on quarantine to ensure the health and safety of the public, the order said.

The Mayor’s, Social Welfare and Development, Accountant, Assessor, Local Civil Registrar, Engineering, Treasurer, Budget, and Economic Enterprise offices have temporarily been closed, the EO said.

Employees of those offices were directed to work from home until their tests yield negative results.

Those who fail to comply with the order will be subjected to appropriate action, both criminal and administrative, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the mayor said.

On Thursday, December 3, Yulo had placed the municipal hall under lockdown as a precautionary measure following a suspected case.*

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