Tips to land an online job (Part 1)


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I have been working homebased for the last months and every day, I screen and evaluate job applications for my client.

Here is what I have learned so far:

Prepare a good resume.

Make your format simple, concise, and make it polished and professional. Highlight your experiences that are “relevant” to the position you are applying for.

Personal information such as height, weight, religion, mother, and father’s name are not as important unless you are applying for a position where it is relevant. These can be found in the application forms, anyways.

If you wish to include your picture, have a decent photo taken in a studio or at least a photo of you looking snappy and professional. Avoid the selfies, cropped photos (which show other people or objects within the photo. Grad pics are fine but if you graduated some five to 10 years ago, maybe it’s time to put a more recent one. Avoid the filters and do not over edit your picture. This is not Facebook or Instagram.

Make your resume concise, one page or two pages will do.

Again, only include the information that is RELEVANT to the position you are applying for. Recruiters are not impressed by very lengthy resumes.

We want to see what makes you qualified for the job, your experiences and most importantly, your SKILLS that are related to the job. We also see how you organize information in your resume. It reflects a lot about you.

Your resume is your first step into recruitment. Most recruiters only look at resumes in 30-60 seconds for pre-eval. A good resume is your ticket to land a good job.

Don’t forget to save your resume in PDF format.*


Madia Ma. Katrina Dajao-Suplico is an overseas human resources specialist in training and recruitment for an online e-commerce company.

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