Suspected dognapper falls in entrapment operation

Radyo Bandera photo

A suspected dognapper was arrested in a police entrapment operation at downtown Bacolod City Tuesday, October 26.

Nabbed was Christian Pabalinas, 39, of Barangay Singcang-Airport. He will face charges for theft.

In a Radyo Bandera report, the dog owner reported to the police that her pet, a labrador, was stolen from its cage placed outside their house in a subdivision in Barangay Alijis on Monday morning, October 25.

She also posted on social media that her dog had gone missing.

They later found out that her dog was being sold on Facebook for P5,000.

The dog owner’s friend contacted the suspect and pretended to be the buyer.

Unknown to the suspect, the meet-up with the supposed buyer was actually an entrapment operation.

He was then arrested after he received marked money.

The suspect is now in the custody of Police Station 7 while the dog was returned to its owner.*

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