Sanctions will be imposed, Albee warns erring city gov’t employees

“We mean business, sanctions will be imposed”.

That was the warning of Bacolod Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez on Tuesday, January 30, to city government employees who may still be engaged in issuing fake business permits, and those soliciting payments to fast track the release of documents.

The National Bureau of Investigation has subpoenaed three regular city government employees and a job order worker who are being investigated for the issuance of fake business permits.

“We have repeatedly warned, we know that there are some probably doing this kind of things. We would like to advise everybody that we mean business, we want to ensure that all government transactions are above board, transparent and with no anomalies,” Benitez said.

Imposing sanctions on those caught is necessary to restore the people’s trust in government, Benitez said.

He thanked the public for assisting the city government in going after those engaged in anomalous activities.*

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