Orola proposing blood banks for northern, southern Negros

Negros Occidental gubernatorial candidate Juan “John” N. Orola Jr. said Thursday, November 18, that he is strongly proposing the creation of blood banks for Negros Occidental.

“There should be one in the south and one in the north in order to address the prevalent and serious need for continuous supply of blood in the province. Each facility shall ensure to comply with quality standards to provide safe and quality blood for all people of Negros”, said Orola in a press statement.

Orola said his number one agenda is health and he wants to make sure that all necessary solutions that can be provided to help the people of Negros are addressed.

He wants to make sure as well that the people of Negros have access to safe, quality blood through effective management of donor recruitment, retention and care, through efficient testing, processing, storage, issuance, transport and distribution and equitable use of blood and its product, Orola added.

One of the significant essential needs of the province is the continuous supply of blood for all kinds of cases. Storing blood strategically eliminates the danger of delayed delivery of blood. Continuous bloodletting programs can assure us of continuous supply, he said.

“Due to the geographical landscape, accessing blood supply is always an obstacle, screening for compatibility is another one. Thus, creating satellite blood banks for both the north and the south of Negros is one of the solutions that I think can address to this problem”, Orola added.*

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