More police visibility setto prevent robberies

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Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez directed the police to increase visibility and patrols at night in Bacolod City to prevent robbery and hold-up incidents.

Benitez, at a press conference on Monday, January 22, said he called Bacolod City Police Director, Col. Noel Aliño, to address the concern and he assured that it would be acted on.

On Sunday, during the mayor’s radio program “Isugid kay Mayor”, reports on hold-up and robbery incidents in Bacolod were discussed.

However, the mayor said that he is still verifying the numbers because currently, the police have received only one reported incident.

In a separate statement, Aliño told the media that there will be more police visibility in coordination with the barangays to help address the concern.

He said that they will implement preventive measures down to the barangay level as some of the victims and suspects know each other.

Meanwhile, Benitez has directed a review of CCTV footage surrounding the Halandumon Tower after some of its parts were stolen during the last quarter of 2023.

Benitez said he would ask the city department in charge of the Bacolod City Public Plaza to review the CCTV footage in the area to determine who the culprits were.

In October last year, it was reported that one of the columns of the tower was forced open and some of its lighting and wiring equipment were stolen.

The tower’s programmable light-emitting diodes are not functioning until now because of the incident.

Apart from intensified police patrols, the mayor also said more CCTV cameras will be put up in Bacolod to increase security against theft and other crimes that may occur at night.*

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