More patients from Bacolod admitted at Negros hospitals

Richard Malihan photo

The Negros Occidental provincial government has accommodated more than 1,000 residents of Bacolod City in its different government-run hospitals to ensure that everyone has access to medical care, Provincial Administrator Rayfrando Diaz said Saturday, October 9.

The absence of a government hospital in Bacolod City has caused residents to seek medical help at provincial government-owned hospitals, he said.

This shows that the province has been providing adequate medical care to everyone regardless of where they are coming from, Diaz added.

Based on the report of three district hospitals, about 839 residents of Bacolod were admitted at Teresita L. Jalandoni Provincial Hospital (TLJPH), 159 others at Cadiz District Hospital and 95 at Valladolid District Hospital from January to September, a press release from the Capitol said.

In the TLJPH, most of the cases admitted were obstetrics with 314 cases, followed by newborn with 239 different medical cases; medicine – 102; pedia – 85; surgery -78; and OB – Gyne – 21.

Most of the cases were admitted in the months of June – 131; May and August 111 each; March -100; September – 103; April – 78; February, 71; July – 69; and January – 55.

In Cadiz District Hospital, on the other hand, most of the patients were admitted last June – 50; followed by July – 37; May – 25; April – 17; August – 15; September – 9; January – 5; and March – 1.

The records from Valladolid District Hospital showed total admissions of 95 patients from January to September 2021, with the highest recorded cases in the month of May.*

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