25 Negros youth groups support Leni for president

Twenty-five youth organizations in Negros welcome and support Leni Robredo in her candidacy for President in 2022, a press release from The Negros Youth for Leni said.

NY4L, an alliance of youth organizations and leaders, believes that a Robredo presidency will help Filipinos heal from the pandemics of COVID-19, corrupt governance and national division, it said.

NY4L said that they are witnesses to the servant-leadership of Robredo. For the alliance of youth organizations and leaders, the vice president, her partners and her volunteers stood and worked with many Filipinos to show the type of leadership our country needs for us to heal from the pandemics of COVID-19, corrupt governance and national division, the press release said.

The alliance emphasized that the Vice President has implemented a clear and comprehensive plan to fight and end COVID-19, made vaccines accessible for all Filipinos, provided medical, food, and educational assistance to All Filipinos, organized training programs for unemployed Filipinos and entrepreneurs, stood for the protection of Philippine sovereignty and the safety of Filipinos, fought for the poor, the marginalized, and the vulnerable, and showed integrity in service, a commendable track record, and irrefutable competence.

The alliance believes that with VP Leni, ‘We can rebuild a Philippines that is free from disease, poverty, and hunger!’

Negros Youth for Leni is an alliance of organizations, student leaders, sectoral organizations, and ordinary Filipino youth who believe in a Leni Robredo Presidency. Twenty organizations from Negros Occidental signed a statement supporting VP Leni’s run for President in 2022, the press release said.*

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