Leni supporters hold caravan from Victorias to Manapla

The pink caravan that started from the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral at Canetown Subdivision in Victorias City on Sunday.*John Gerona photo

A pink caravan was held from Victorias City to Manapla town in Negros Occidental in support of the presidential bid of Vice President Leni Robredo on Sunday afternoon, November 7.

About 51 cars, plus bikes and motorcycles, with pink Robredo tarpaulins, balloons, ribbons and flaglets joined the caravan from the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral at Canetown Subdivision in Victorias City to Manapla, Nonalyn Librodo, organizer of the event, said.

Some residents on the side of the road flashed the L sign and chanted “Leni, Leni, Leni” and “Laban, Laban, Laban” as the pink caravan drove by.

The caravan then returned to Victorias for a “Lugaw para kay Leni” activity, she said.

Librodo said she initiated the holding of the caravan on November 7 to mark the first month since Robredo announced her bid from the presidency on October 7.

She sought the help of Facebook friends who are Robredo supporters for the staging of the caravan.
A lot of people responded to our call on Facebook to join, the spirit of volunteerism was inspiring, Librodo said.

Librodo said she is supporting Robredo for president because of her sincerity to serve the country, and she has never been linked to graft and corruption.

Among the presidential candidates, Robredo is the one who will be able to restore dignity and pride in the Philippines in the eyes of the world, she said.

The caravan was a concerted effort of Robredo supporters who believe in her, because she is “Makatao, Makabayan at Maka Diyos (for the people, for the nation and for God,” Scarlet Sangcap said.

“As a parent, I feel confident that Leni will take care of the welfare of families, being a parent I want my sons to grow up in a country that has a leader who is a pro-people, pro-country, and God-fearing,” Sangcap said.

Beejay Juridico said they are for Robredo “because when we speak about volunteerism and about someone who can take care of our future, we choose the one who embodies it and that is Leni.”*

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