Headless body found, MPadilla man killed

Two individuals, including a headless man, were found in Sagay City and Moises Padilla town in Negros Occidental, on Sunday, January 28.

A certain alias “Karang” was found headless in a sugarcane field at Purok Buntod, Brgy. Poblacion 2, Sagay City, at about 6 a.m. Sunday, the police reported.

The victim was last seen Saturday night at a benefit dance at the nearby Purok, which was about 300 meters away from the area where his body was found.

The body of the victim was brought to a funeral home in Sagay City and as of press time his head had not been recovered by the police.

Meanwhile, an unidentified man was found dead in Brgy. Inolingan, Moises Padilla, at about 8:18 a.m. of Sunday.

A concerned citizen heard a noise outside her house and when she went out, she found the victim with several wounds on his body.*

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