Globe records 26% more theft cases in network facilities, calls for vigilance

Globe recorded a 26 increase in theft cases within its network facilities across the country last year, prompting the company to urgently call for heightened vigilance and enhanced collaboration among all stakeholders.

Incidents of pilferage, including the theft of cable lines, batteries and electronics among others, rose from 3,069 in 2022 to 3,887 in 2023, as criminals continued to target valuable network assets despite Globe’s sustained crackdown along with law enforcement authorities, a press release from Globe said.

These incidents led to 1,153 service outages in affected communities.

“When our network facilities are compromised, it disrupts essential connectivity that people heavily rely on for day-to-day activities at work and in school, and for critical tasks such as emergency response. Every outage caused by pilferage impacts not just the business but, more so, our customers,” said Joel Agustin, SVP and Head of Network Planning and Engineering at Globe.

Out of the total, the Greater Manila Area logged the highest number of cases at 2,441, accounting for 62.8 percent of the total. Mindanao is second at 510 cases, Visayas with 472 cases, Northern Luzon with 379 cases, and Southern Luzon with 85 cases.

To address the escalating security concerns, Globe continues to strengthen its asset protection strategies and actively encourages Local Government Units (LGUs) to undertake random inspections to bolster the security of telecommunications equipment.

Globe called on the public to exercise greater vigilance and alert the company and the authorities of suspicious activities linked to battery theft and other forms of pilferage.

It also reminded the public that buying or selling stolen property carries significant legal penalties, warning that those involved face potential fines and imprisonment.

Reports may be sent to the Globe Security Command at 09176888545, the Philippine National Police via their 24/7 helpline 16677, or the nearest police station, the press release said.*

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