Ceneco residential rates down by 11 cents per kWh in November

The Central Negros Electric Cooperative Inc. announced Friday, November 19, that its average residential rate for November is P10.0621/kWh.

It dropped by P0.1167/kWh from last month’s P10.1788/kWh, Danny Pondevilla, CENECO acting general manager, said in a press release.

The decrease can be attributed to the reduction in generation, transmission and system loss charges, implementation of Time-Of-Use rate for 24MW due to the directive of the Energy Regulatory Commission as well as the other pass-through charges such as value-added tax, he said.

He added that the pass-through charges equivalent to P8.8755/kWh of the total power rate include the generation and transmission charges, ERC-approved adjustments, government subsidies and taxes.

Only P1.1866/kWh of the power rate goes to CENECO through Distribution, Supply, Metering (DSM) Charges and Reinvestment Fund for Sustainable CAPEX (RFSC) for its administrative and operational service, he stressed, adding that since 2010, CENECO’s DSM and RFSC rate has not increased.

In monitoring the monthly electricity usage, consumers are advised to look at their kilowatt-hour consumption and not the amount. The amount may vary depending on the pass-through charges, Pondevilla said.

CENECO continues to remind its electricity consumers to conserve energy to avoid paying high electricity bills.*

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