Advocacy group condemns China’s aggression in WPS 

Wennie Sancho, Negros WPS Advocacy Group lead convenor* 

A Negros-based advocacy group condemned the massive aggression of China on  Filipinos in the West Philippine Sea and urged the public to stand up against these acts as the country celebrates  Independence Day on Wednesday, June 12. 

Negros WPS Advocacy Group lead convenor, Wennie Sancho,   in a press statement on Tuesday,  said they are condemning the massive aggression, harassment, intimidation and other despicable acts committed by China in the  WPS. 

“This is an outright violation of our sovereignty as a nation and as a people as validated by a 2016 Arbitral Award from the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) declaring that the nine-dash-line of China was invalid”, the statement said. 

Sancho  said we must protect our land, its borders and territories to prevent the territorial expansion of China, the most dangerous enemy of democracy. 

“This is not a call to arms. This is call to the conscience of all freedom loving Filipinos to assert our sovereignty, to stand up and be counted in our struggle to restore our honor and dignity as a people”, he said.* 

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