UNIFED thanks DA, SRA for higher sugar prices

The United Sugar Producers Federation of the Philippines (UNIFED) on Sunday, February 25, thanked Agriculture Secretary Francisco Laurel for getting traders to start buying sugar at better prices.

UNIFED, in a press statement, also thanked Sugar Regulatory Administrator Pablo Azcona and SRA Board Members David Sanson and Mitzi Mangwag.

UNIFED President Manuel Lamata said the increase of P200 per 50 kilo-bag of sugar is “a great relief for sugar farmers after a long slump in sugar prices.”

Last week, sugar buying went up to P2,600 after a long spell of P2,400 and “that P200 difference is a huge help to our farmers,” Lamata added.

“We are thankful to Sec. Laurel, Administrator Azcona and the SRA Board for their incessant drive to find solutions,” Lamata said, as he also thanked the sugar traders who cooperated with SRA on this appeal.

He also praised Azcona, Sanson, and Mangwag for standing tall amidst the attacks they have been getting from sugar industry players who “are just fond of criticizing but not offering solutions”.

“We are lucky we have a leader in Azcona who refuses to be cowered by negativity and works to get positive results for our industry,” Lamata added.*

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