Tricastle dispatches 1st batch of agri field workers to Japan

Murcia Vice Mayor Johnny Reosura (right) with Evelio Castellano (left) and Domenic Toledo.*

Tricastle International Inc. dispatched the first batch of Negrenses under the agency’s newest working category in Japan – the agriculture field workers.

This has been a project that Murcia Vice Mayor Johnny Reosura has been laying the foundation for with the agency and job seekers, a Tricastle press release said Saturday, January 20.

Evelio Castellano and Domenic Toledo were the first Negrenses sent to Japan as agriculture field workers.

This is the result of years of negotiations between Chushin Koryu, a cooperative in Ibaraki-ken, Japan, and the employment advocate tandem of Asenso Murciahanon headed by Rep. Jose Francisco “Kiko” Benitez (Neg. Occ., 3rd District), Murcia Mayor Gerry Rojas and Reosura, the press release said.

“The long process has been tedious, and hurdles were high. The applicants had to undergo special seminars in Japan farming procedures and technics to be able to pass the difficult qualifying examination to acquire certificates of eligibility and visas,” the press release said.

Being able to generate more jobs aside from in the construction field has been an advocacy and pledge of Asenso Murciahanon, it said.

An opportunity for female applicants will follow soon.*

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