‘Stay safe and healthy’

The Department of Health Western Visayas regional director, Dr. Marlyn Convocar, today, December 17, again reminded the public to stay healthy and safe during the holidays.

The DOH is encouraging families and communities to avoid the use of firecrackers, especially during the New Year celebration to prevent firework-related injuries, she said.

Instead, the public is advised to look for things that can substitute the loud noises that fireworks make such as car horns, playing music, or even banging pots and pans, she said.

“These alternatives are simple, safe and fun even for children,” she said.

The DOH is also advising parents and guardians to carefully choose the toys and gifts that are safe to be given to children, Convocar said.

“It is important to consider age-appropriate toys and gifts that are environment-friendly and safe from possible choking hazards and injuries,” she said.

She also stressed the need to serve healthy food for the holidays. Avoid too much intake of salty, fatty, and too sweet foods, she said.

“Moderation should be the byword,” Convocar stressed.

She also said with the threat of COVID-19 transmission still high, the DOH recommends getting together and celebrating exclusively with household members only and virtual gathering with those not residing in the same house as most infections are made through close contact and prolonged exposure.*

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