SRA officer cites discrepancies in imported sugar resolutions

Board resolutions on sugar importation questioned.*PNA photo

Deputy Administrator Guillermo Tejida III of the Sugar Regulatory Administration said on Sunday, July 17, that his office will not process the release of imported sugar that arrived in the country unless a new board resolution or instructions are issued by the Office of the President.

Tejida, in a letter to Ignacio Santillana, SRA officer-in-charge, said the previous SRA board issued resolutions on the  importation of sugar that had discrepancies.

The sugar shipments had yet to arrive in Philippine territory, but a board resolution stated that   the “subject   imported sugar shipments have arrived and deliveries from the custody of the Bureau of Customs to the SRA-registered warehouses are currently monitored by the SRA monitoring teams.” he said.

He also pointed out that the shipments were not initially classified as “C” or reserved sugar and stored in an SRA-registered warehouse prior to the it’s reclassification as “B” or domestic sugar.

The sugar was classified to “B” prior to arrival and inspection by the SRA Regulation Department, Tejida said.

The SRA Regulation Department, or any of its officers, have nothing to do with these discrepancies between the actual status of the imported sugar against the contents of the board resolutions, Tejida said.*

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