SRA: Kanlaon ash damage to sugarcane fields minimal

sugarcane field near Kanlaon Volcano*

The Sugar Regulatory Administration on Friday, June 7, assured that the damage to sugarcane fields caused by the Kanlaon Volcano eruption is very minimal.

The rain is helping neutralize the acidity of the volcanic ash, SRA Administrator Pablo Luis Azcona said in a report released to the media on Friday, June 7.

The   SRA on Tuesday had sent out research teams to conduct soil and leaf sampling of ash affected areas, as well as assess potential damage to sugarcane fields.

Farmers are out in the fields continuing to replant the El Niño damaged sugarcane and its business as usual for them, Azcona said on Friday.

He also reiterated that the   SRA Disaster Committee met on Tuesday and he approved the use of P2.5 million of their corporate social responsibility funds for assistance to farmers and SRA employees affected by the eruption.

Azcona said SRA has set up evacuation plans for its La Granja Research and Development Center that is close to Kanlaon should the volcano further erupt.

LGAREC will be used as shelter for our farmers should need be, he said.*

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