Spaghetti wires no more, Albee vows for Bacolod

Mayoral aspirant Alfredo “Albee” Benitez vowed on Wednesday, October 13, to transform Bacolod into a progressive-looking city free from unsightly, messy, and accident-causing spaghetti wires.

The Negros Occidental consultant on economic affairs, in a press release, said cluttered wires on posts, aside from being unsightly, are “accidents waiting to happen” that need an immediate permanent solution.

They are also dangerous fire hazards, he added.

Benitez said he was saddened by the unfortunate incident at Eroreco subdivision involving a driver who was injured when his truck got entangled in “spaghetti” wires”. Such accidents can be prevented, he said.

Organizing Bacolod City’s infrastructure will be among Benitez’s Top 10 Priority Projects on his first 100 days should he win as mayor, he said.

The city is old, and has old infrastructures but it does not mean it cannot be fixed, he said.*

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