San Carlos restricts non-essential travel

The city government of San Carlos City has restricted non-essential travel following the reported local transmission of coronavirus in the locality.

Mayor Renato Gustilo, in an executive order signed on October 18, said that local transmission was recently reported in the city, and if that trend continues, the local healthcare system might not be able to cater to confirmed positive patients. He added that government and private hospitals have already refused admission of patients due to the influx of Covid-19 positive individuals.

He said the Incident Management Team has recommended imposing border restrictions on certain activities and regulation of movement of residents to contain the spread of the virus.

In the EO, citizens are enjoined to stay home except for frontliners, essential workers, and for purposes of accessing basic needs and for emergency medical needs.

Issuance of travel certifications for travel to places outside San Carlos was also temporarily suspended except for essential and emergency medical needs, the order said.

Non-residents may enter the city for delivering food, essential supplies, and services to the city, while private employees located in the city with employees who are non-residents are advised to either house their employees in the city or require them to work from home to minimize frequent traveling in and out of San Carlos, the EO said.

Persons below 15 years old and those over 60 years old, those with immunodeficiency, comorbidity, or other health risks, and pregnant women are required to remain in their homes, except when indispensable under the circumstances for obtaining essential goods and services.

Health checkpoints in the city’s points of entry and exit will continue as a precautionary measure against Covid-19.

For public transportation, the odd-even scheme is still in effect, while passes will be needed upon entering the public market.
Barangays also need to implement zonal clustering zones for containment, to prevent the spread of the virus.*

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