Raising age for statutory rape widens shield for minors: Kiko

The House of Representatives approved the bill raising the age of statutory rape “widens the shield of the law in protecting minors from sexual predators who exploit their vulnerability,” Rep. Francisco “Kiko” Benitez (Neg. Occ., 3rd District) said Wednesday, December 2.

The House passed on final reading Tuesday House Bill 7836, increasing the age for determining statutory rape from 12 to below 16, Benitez said.

House Bill 7836 is a consolidation of several bills, including House Bill 5795 authored by Benitez.

With 207 affirmative votes, three negative votes, and no abstention, the House passed the bill that amends the 23-year-old Anti-Rape Law, as well as the Revised Penal Code.

Under House Bill 7836, statutory rape is a crime done to minors below 16 instead of the current 12 years old. The violators will be jailed for life or Reclusion Perpetua once the bill is passed into law.

The bill also removes the benefit of Good Conduct and Time Allowance (GCTA) if rape is committed in aggravating circumstances.*

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