NOCECO, NONECO increase October rates, too

Negros Occidental Electric Cooperative (NOCECO) and Northern Negros Electric Cooperative (NONECO) have increased their power rates in October.

Jonas Discaya, general manager of NOCECO, said the new residential rate is P9.4417 per kilowatt hour (kWh) from P8.3121/kWh in September, posting an increase of P1.1296.

He said the main driver of the higher electricity rates this month were the P1.1409/kWh increase in the generation charge, the P2.3344/kWh increase in Wholesale Electricity Spot Market, the 0.0102/kWh adjustment in the power supply agreement (PSA) from KEPCO SPC Power Corporation.

Also contributing to the overall increase are the adjustments in the system loss rate, subsidy rate, and value-added tax in generation rate, he said.

He also noted a reduction of P0.0826/kWh in the power supply agreement from Palm Concepcion Power Corporation, P0.1618/kWh decrease in the transmission rate of residential customers, and Php P0.0045/kWr drop on VAT in transmission rate.

NOCECO caters to electric consumers in southern Negros Occidental, from Pulupandan to Hinoba-an.

For NONECO, which serves to electric consumers in the north, from E.B. Magalona to San Carlos City, its residential rate for October has increased by P0.6459, from P9.2231/ kWh in September to P9.8681 per kWh.

Paul Almedelia, NONECO corporate planning department manager, said the increase in the residential rates were due to the increase of the generation charge by P0.6115/kWh following the spike in the spot market price of WESM, and the P0.0512/kWh adjustment in other charges like VAT.

He noted there is a P0.0177/kWh decrease in transmission and system loss charges.

Meanwhile, member-consumers are advised to conserve energy and to be aware of their energy consumption to avoid paying the high electricity bill.*

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