Negros Army readies for Typhoon Lannie response

The personnel of 303rd Infantry Brigade, 3ID, Philippine Army, and its line battalions are already in alert posture in preparation for Typhoon Lannie (international name Talim) response.

Brig. Gen. Inocencio Pasaporte, 303rd Infantry Brigade commander, alerted Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response (HADR) teams from the 303rd Infantry Brigade, 62nd Infantry Battalion, and 79th Infantry Battalion composed of regular soldiers to be deployed in the 1st to 5th districts of Negros Occidental and 1st district of Negros Oriental.

The Army also prepared its military field ambulances, military trucks, and utility vehicles to provide necessary mobility assistance. All military personnel trained for disaster response operations are ready for deployment in the entire province. They are also being augmented by reservists and auxiliary units ready reserve forces.

“Your army in Negros are in a high state of readiness, preparation, and dedication. We are always ready and alert both in times of natural calamities and man-made disasters since the lives and safety of the people are of paramount importance,” Pasaporte said.*

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