More Silay farmers groups denounce CPP-NPA rebels

79th IB photo

More farmers groups in Brgy Eustaquio Lopez, Silay City, strongly denounced the violence and atrocities committed by Communist Terrorist Groups (CTGs) during a peaceful rally Saturday, October 2.

Members of the Hda Cumabat Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association, Hda Mariano–D Farmers and Farm Workers Association, Hda Vista Aligre Farmers and Farm Workers Association, and Hda Gretchen Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association held a march carrying placards bearing messages calling on the CTGs to end terrorism in their communities, an Army press release said.

They then took their Oath of Allegiance to the Philippine government before E. Lopez Barangay Captain Memia Gallego.

Replica flags of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) were also burned to show that CNTs are not welcome in their villages, the press release said.

Gilbert Bautista, former member of National Federation of Sugar Workers and now chairman of Hda Vista Aligre Farmers and Farm Workers Association (HAVAFFWA), thanked 79IB for helping their association avail of the programs of the government.

Bautista urged his fellow farmers to avoid being used again by the CTGs and its allied organizations.

Lt. Col. J-jay T Javines, 79th Infantry “Masaligan” Battalion commander, lauded the efforts of the community in condemning the CTGs.

“The pledge to withdraw their support from the armed group is already a bold step towards ending insurgency. It may seem usual and insignificant to conduct condemnation rallies but for people who were once victimized by the deceptions and threats of CTGs, participating in these kinds of activities is more than enough to show their clamor and earnest desire to live in a place where peace and development prosper”, he said.

“Let us work together in winning over any threat that hinders peace and progress in your communities,” Javines added.*

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