Moises Padilla mayor returns to village where she was ambushed to bring help

Moises Padilla Mayor Ella Garcia-Yulo returned to the village where she survived an ambush that left her brother and nephew dead, to bring help to her constituents today, December 23.

She said this was the first time she set foot in Barangay Inolingan after the fatal incident on April 25, 2019, where she survived an attempt on her life just three weeks before the May 13 polls but lost two of her closest loved ones during the ambush of her campaign convoy at the upland village.

The mayor said she went there so the people would feel that their municipal government is there. “Para ma feel sang mga tawo na ara man ko diapon (so the people would feel that I’m still around), despite what happened there,” she added.

She said that the residents there have nothing to do with the people who harmed her family.

The local government distributed 110 sacks of rice to more than 600 recipients, with one sack each to be divided by six households.*

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