Liquid nitrogen plant continues to impact livestock industry

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The Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Plant of Negros Occidental at Negros First Ranch, Brgy. Sta. Rosa, Murcia, has gained prominence as a source of LN2 to various livestock stakeholders both in the public and private sectors paving to a successful rate on the infusion of high-quality breeds of cattle, and carabao provincewide.

It gained its momentum this year as the demand is far too high than the plant’s availability to supply. A total of 4,711 liters were released last year compared to 5,438 liters released as of August this year.

Various local and national government entities are among the regular clients being served by the province’s LN2 plant, such as the Philippine Carabao Center, National Dairy Authority and the Province of Negros Oriental aside from private sectors.

The LN2 plant initially and primarily served as a preservation facility of frozen semen of cattle and carabao for distribution provincewide.

In fact, the implementation of the project has benefited the province by increasing of food animal population, especially cattle and carabao to a level that can answer the demand of the community. At the same time, it has also benefited stakeholders and clienteles engaged in semen processing, liquid nitrogen ice cream, medical and academic purposes.

To date, the Provincial Veterinary Office is very positive and assertive that this project will create an impact in the long run in terms of advancement of the livestock industry not only in this province but those whom this technology has reached.

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