I’m not dead, I’m alive – OVY

“I’m not dead, I am very much alive and healthy.”

This was stressed by Yanson Group Bus of Companies matriarch Olivia V. Yanson, 87, amid rumors circulating Sunday, July 4, that she had passed away.

“Tell those people who want me dead, I love the Lord and he will not let me die because I still have a mission in this world to help others,” she told Digicast Negros.

Yanson said she is alive and kicking and in fact had gone to Church in Tanay, Rizal, Sunday.

Yanson said she lives in Makati City and her doctors say she is healthy.

“Tell the people of Bacolod I feel healthy, I am taking care of myself…I am strong,” Yanson said.

“Tell them that I love them, I don’t want to die yet because my mission in the world is not finished yet,” she added.

Yanson said she is staying in Makati for now because there are a lot of COVID cases in Bacolod, and if she is in the city she meets a lot of people.*

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