“Dasun” is a group exhibition featuring multi-generational artists organized by the Orange Project and Art District in celebration of the 30 years of the Visayan Islands Visual Arts Exhibition and Conference (VIVA ExCon) 16.

It features senior artists Perry Argel, Dennis Ascalon, Charlie Co, Liv Gloria, Chris Juricich, Rodney Martinez, Manny Montelibano, Fred Orig, Rafael Paderna, Susanito Sarnate, Edbon Sevilleno and Angela Silva;

Up and coming artists Faye Abantao, Billy Boy Abonado, Ayla August, Moreen Austria, Aeson Baldevia, Neil Benavente, Gringo Benedicto, Mars Bugaoan, Dino Cajili, Maymay Camarines, HR Campos III, Barry Cervantes, Jay-R Delleva, Francis Danielle Fajardo, Daryl Feril, Vicky Gasper, Roedil Geraldo, Frelan Gonzaga, Karina Broce Gonzaga, Elwah Gonzales, Ryn Paul Gonzales, Jovito Hecita, Darel Javier, Anika Marie Loquite, Erika Mayo, Tristram Miravalles, Megumi Miura, Junjun Montelibano, Mikiboy Pama, Touki Roldan, Wilfred Santillan, Svet Sevilleno, R.A. Tijing, Dennis Valenciano and Revo Yanson;

And young artists Brandon Braza, Bianca Co,Bea Dolloso, Hans Benedict Espina, Xel Gonzales, Patrick Maapni, Jayvee Necesario, Dennis Occena, Vincent Rose Sarnate, Yara Sevilleno and JM Valenciano.

Karina Broce Gonzaga wrote that in this exhibition, “artists came together to celebrate the longest-running art festival in the Philippines. When VIVA ExCon was created by members of the Black Artist in Asia in Bacolod City in 1990, its function and purpose were to respond to concerns of the visual artists at that time of post-Martial Law. Thanks to these efforts made decades ago, these same aspirations, care for the artist community, and the concerns for Visayan-based artists as a whole, are still present and ever thriving today.

In this time of a pandemic, these artists have continued to nurture and sustain their strong sense of community, to help various causes through their art, and refuse to let the global health crisis dampen their spirits. It is this same determination that these creatives, from the founding members of VIVA ExCon to ‘VIVA babies’ to young artists who are yet to experience their first VIVA, have come together to honor this sense of community and artistry.”

The works are mounted in and around the Art District, both rendered individually or collaboratively in the form of murals, sculptures, and outdoor installations. Orange Project along with AAB Gallery+Café, Block17 Art Space and Dosé Coffee+Art, on the other hand, feature paintings and other wall-bound works, together with installations and sculptures.

“Dasun” is a collective creative effort of generations of artists who believe that we are all in this together as an artistic community, but more importantly, a community of human beings who strive to keep these connections alive. This exhibition is a celebration of resilience, camaraderie, and hope and is available from November 2020 – January 2021. A visit would mean strict compliance with health protocols.*

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