Coscolluela hoping for fair polls but says no elections possible

Archie Alipalo photo

“I am hoping we will have free and fair elections (in 2022), but I have not discounted the possibility of a no election scenario,” former Negros Occidental governor Rafael Coscolluela said Friday, April 9.

Coscolluela, a convenor of 1Sambayan that is fielding a single opposition slate in 2022, said there are speculations that the government is “mishandling the COVID-19 pandemic on purpose so they can declare a state of emergency and say no elections will be held.”

He also said that the lack of visibility of President Rodrigo Duterte is a very real issue.

“After a certain period of time if you are unable to serve, you must let the public know what the problem is. Right now we don’t know who is running the country,” he said.

The president or his minions are committing a mortal sin against the people by not declaring the true state of his health, Coscolluela said.*

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