Ceneco power rates drop, Noneco announces increase

Central Negros Electric Cooperative announced a slight decrease in its electricity rates by P0.053/kWh, while the Northern Negros Electric Cooperative rates will increase by P0.6451/kWH this month.

CENECO said its October electricity rate is P11.0237/kWh, P0.0530 lower than last month’s P11.0767/kWH.

The decrease was attributed to the 0.43 percent decline in the total generation charges compared to the previous month with the downward adjustment of fuel costs from P4.3833/kWH to P3.959/kWh.

CENECO also implemented the new basic Universal Charge for the Missionary Electrification rate from P0.1544/kWh to P0.1805/kWh.

Pass-through charges of the cooperative were also one of the factors in the decrease in electricity rates which went down from P9.8901 to P9.8371/kWH.

Meanwhile, NONECO advised its consumers of higher electricity rates this month, which went up by P0.6451/kWh, from P11.5423/kWh to P12.1874/kWh this month.

NONECO attributed the hike to the increase in prices at the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market from P5.7874 to P6.6066/kWh.*

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