Cadiz convenes council to boost local tourism

Lakawon Island Resort is one of the tourist attractions of Cadiz City.*

Mayor Salvador Escalante has convened the new Cadiz City Tourism Council to address the concerns of the growing tourism industry in his city.

Escalante, who chairs the council, said they have expanded its membership from 22 to about 37 to involve more sectors.

The thrust of the city government is to enhance agriculture and develop tourism, Escalante said.

There are seven new major roads in Cadiz City that will lead to upland farmlands and the development of tourist attractions, Escalante said on Sunday. March 26.

They do not want the same problem to happen as when Pacol Falls was opened to tourists. There were coffee shops that sprouted in the area and people threw garbage anywhere, he said.

Cadiz has more than 10 waterfalls and a blue print to regulate development will be needed, he said.

Escalante said for Holy Week the city government will be staging a “Taltal”, a reenactment of Jesus’ crucifixion, at the Cadiz Arena so people can watch in comfort.

Workshops have started for the training of the volunteer actors joining the “Taltal”, Escalante said.*

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