Benitez to meet Marcos on support for Bacolod

Bacolod mayor-elect Alfredo Benitez (right) supported the presidential bid of Ferdinand Marcos Jr.* File photo/Screenshot from BBM Vlog

Bacolod mayor-elect Alfredo “Albee” Benitez said he is meeting with president-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. next week to ensure Bacolod City gets support from the national government.

He is hoping Bacolod gets more than its fair share, Benitez said on Monday, May 30.

Benitez, when asked if was offered a Cabinet position, said “secret”.

“I hope not, because there is really so much expectations from mayor-elect Albee Benitez in Bacolod. His priority, I am sure, is in Bacolod,” Negros Occidental Gov. Eugenio Lacson said Tuesday, in reaction to talk that an offer had been made.

“We are looking forward to his term as mayor of Bacolod… The vast majority who gave him a resounding win in Bacolod City expect change that they have been hoping for,” he said.

The people expect a mayor who is hands on, who is very visible, and who will continuously work for the improvement and development of Bacolod City and Benitez is ready for that, Lacson said.*

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