Bacolod ERB approves 9,957 voter applications

Bacolod Election Officer Kathrina Trinio-Caña*

The Bacolod Election Registration Board on Monday, July 19, approved the applications of 9,957 persons to vote in Bacolod, City Election Officer Kathrina Trinio-Caña said Tuesday, July 20.

She said of the 10,199 voter registrants, the 9,857 were unopposed applicants.

She said the registration of 242 others, including former Rep. Alfredo Abelardo Benitez, have been opposed and subjected to hearings.

Benitez has been directed to file his position paper within three days in response to the opposition to his becoming a registered voter of Bacolod City.

Caña said the ERB hopefully will be able to decide whether to approve or disapprove the applications of the 242 to be registered voters of Bacolod City by the end of the month.

The ERB ruling will be final, the recourse of the aggrieved parties is with the courts, she said.

The members of the ERB aside from Caña are Local Civil Registrar Hermilo Pa-oyon and Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Gladys Amelaine Gonzales.*

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