A testament of goodness

A simple sharing project launched by the Laban Leni Negros Occidental volunteer group which envisioned the provision of a 2-kg bag of rice each for an economically deprived family during the Christmas season, has grown to become a testament of goodness from people all over the world, LLNO spokesperson Pinky Mirano Ocampo said Tuesday, November 30.

Merely two days after the launch of their Star of Hope project, for which they hung a star on a Christmas tree at the LLNO headquarters for every family-sponsored, they have almost reached their target, she said.

Harvey from San Mateo, Rizal, who sent his contribution by G-Cash, added a message that “I would like to hang stars with a brighter future for Rose Ann and for my sons and the next generations as well.” Rose Ann Anig-ig is a 5-year-old girl met by the LLNO volunteers during one of their teach-ins in a marginalized community, who has become their inspiration to embrace Leni Robredo’s “Radikal na Pagmahal” through ways of loving and sharing with the less fortunate, Mirano said.

LLNO volunteers earlier Tuesday surprised afternoon promenaders at Bacolod City Government Center grounds with a flash mob dance.

They later proceeded to the volunteer group’s headquarters where 5-year-old Rose Anig-ig switched on Christmas lights which include pink parols. Rose Ann was later joined by Bea Mirano who donated contents of her piggy bank she could hang the first star of hope on the tree. Volunteers later hung close to a thousand stars representing donations received, after which they decided to double their initial target of a thousand families, to 2,000, Mireano said.

In a literal application of “good ushering in more good”, a Kakampink volunteer has offered Jheske, Rose Ann’s father, a job and when he begins work on Friday, he will be moving one step out of poverty. LLNO has listed a series of do-good activities in the coming months as their contribution to the Leni-Kiko’s tandem’s expression of pink as the “kulay ng pagmamahal”, Mirano added

The LLNO volunteer headquarters, which is open 24/7, is located at the Total Gas Station, CL Montelibano St, in Bacolod City, she said.*

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