Yulo looking into UNIFED request for conversion of ‘A’ quedans to ‘B’

Ronnie Baldonado photo

A member of the Sugar Board is checking on the request of the United Sugar Producers Federation of the Philippines (UNIFED) for the conversion of all quedans for unshipped “A” sugar to the US market to “B” for the domestic market.

“I will check if such a request has been officially been sent and received” so it can be acted on, Sugar Board Member Emilio “Dino” Yulo said Thursday, March 8.

“UNIFED would like to manifest that in the event that there will be unshipped ‘A’ to the US, then we are requesting SRA to convert all ‘A’ unshipped quedans to ‘B’ with differentials to be given back to the planters,” UNIFED president Manuel Lamata said.

The Board in Sugar Order 1-A issued March 29 scrapped the classification of 7 percent of the country’s sugar as “A” for the US Sugar market.

Effective week ending April 4 all of the sugar produced in the country were to be classified as 100 percent “B”, the EO said.*

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