WV top cop issues warning as 3 cops probed for illegal gambling 

Brig. Gen. Jack Wanky, Police Regional Office 6 Director* 

Brig. Gen. Jack Wanky, Police Regional Office 6 Director, warned that chiefs of police caught allowing illegal gambling to continue in their areas and are receiving payolas will be relieved from their posts. 

They will face sanctions and charges will be filed against them, said  Wanky, who attended a command conference at the Negros Occidental Provincial Police Headquarters at   Camp Alfredo M. Montelibano Sr. in Bacolod City,  on Friday, May 17.

The PNP’s “one strike policy” will be enforced in the event that a chief of police knows that there is illegal gambling in his area and does not act on it. The cop chief will be  automatically relieved from his post if it takes operatives from the region or province to act on illegal gambling in his area, Wanky said.

Wanky confirmed that two policemen from Bacolod and one from Aklan linked to illegal gambling have been relieved from their posts.

He said they have not named the three because they do not want to act on just mere allegations, they are careful in conducting their investigation. 

In due time if it is proven that they are involved in illegal gambling they will face sanctions and charges, Wanky said. 

“We are sending a signal to our other policemen that we are doing everything” to put a stop to any police involvement in illegal gambling, he said. 

The police campaign against illegal gambling in Western Visayas is okay for now, Wanky said.*

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