Water Watch Advocates push for Baciwa-PrimeWater audit

The Water Watch Advocates (WWA) are pushing for a performance audit of the Bacolod City Water District-PrimeWater joint venture, which they accused of “failure of duty”.

WWA General Secretary Wennie Sancho said on Thursday, Janaury 18, that BACIWA/PrimeWater failed to protect the public health and welfare of the people due to mismanagement and inefficient services.

“With all the hullabaloo, we shall demand a performance audit so that we can determine the culpability and accountability of BACIWA/PrimeWater as a public utility service provider”, Sancho said.

Among the problems faced by consumers are recurring emission of turbid, muddy, and dirty water, especially when brownouts occur, Sancho said.

The inconvenience and suffering due to the lack of water and inefficient services of BACIWA/PrimeWater had robbed the consumers of their right to a quality life, he added.*

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