VG to opponents of Marcos: Teach supporters respect

Supporters of an opponent of presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr. should keep the campaign at a high level and show some respect, Negros Occidental Vice Governor Jeffrey Ferrer said Thursday, February 24.

Marcos and his UniTeam held a caravan and grand rally at the Bacolod reclamation area on Wednesday, which Ferrer described as an overwhelming success.

However, youth supporters of vice president Leni Robredo were seen shouting “magnanakaw” and “kawatan” as the caravan of Marcos passed through Talisay City.

They also threw Leni-Kiko fliers, one of which landed on Marcos’ face, Ferrer said.

Marcos just continued to wave at the crowd and flashed the peace sign, Ferrer said.

In the videos that have gone viral, Marcos appears to be gesturing to the driver to keep moving.

Ferrer said two women also flashed the dirty finger at Marcos, which he called bastos (rude).

What did Marcos Jr. steal during the presidency of his father, Ferdinand Sr.? Ferrer asked.

If he was a thief he would not have become a governor, congressman and senator, Ferrer said.

Ferrer said the camp of the other candidate should educate their supporters in good manners and right conduct, they should show some respect.

Their behavior, which was “bastos” reflects on the image of Negros Occidental, he said.

He said one of the persons involved in the incident was even educated in a prestigious school in Bacolod City.

A Robredo youth supporter on her Facebook page said: “We were exercising our right to free speech and were out of the way when Marcos Jr.’s bodyguards started pushing us to the side. This act of violence caused the fliers held up by one of the dissenters to fly towards BBM hitting his face. I say he deserves it. After what Negros has gone through, the Philippines struggle, the violence towards dissenters then and today.”

The post hashtagged “never again, never forget” has since been bashed by Marcos supporters and appears to have been taken down.

Ferrer said they will not file charges against those who called Marcos names, “they should just campaign for their candidate, and we will campaign for ours”.

At the end of the day we will all be one in Negros after the elections, he said.*

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