U-Dance ‘symbol of greatness’ in Cadiz, Escalante says

Cadiznons showcase unity through dance that signaled the start of their Golden Dinagsa Festival.* Bilis Cadiz photo

The Unity Dance (U-Dance) that officially opened the 50th Dinagsa Festival on Friday, January 12, was a “symbol of greatness” in Cadiz City, Mayor Salvador Escalante Jr. said.

Dancing to the tune of locally-produced music titled “Patik Sang Dinagsa”, thousands of Cadiznons – young and old – danced in unison on the streets, signalling the start of their Golden Dinagsa Festival, a press release from Cadiz said Thursday, Jan. 18.

Dancers included government officials and employees, students (from elementary to college) from various schools, market vendors, trike drivers, among other ordinary city dwellers.

“Seeing the throng of my fellow Cadiznons dancing in one beat/tune really melted my heart,” the mayor said.

“The message was clear – we’re united in Cadiz,” he added.

U-Dance was first in Cadiz and for Dinagsa as well.*

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