Travel guidelines to Iloilo City

To return/enter Iloilo City, you need to submit the following documents to email


  1. Barangay Certificate of Residency (from barangay of residence here in Iloilo City)
  2. TPP (Travel Pass-Through Permit) if you’re passing through restricted areas (Kindly inquire at the PNP Office from point of origin)


  1. Letter of intent from your receiving company here in Iloilo City stating your purpose, duration of travel, and temporary address
  2. Medical Certificate
  3. Certificate of employment
  4. Company ID
  5. Barangay Certificate of Residency (from barangay of residence here in Iloilo City if you are a resident)

Kindly send these important details needed:

  1. Complete Trip Details
    A. Mode of transportation:
    B. Time and Date of Departure:

    C. Time and Date of Arrival:
    D. Port/Airport of Entry:___
  2. Name and Contact Number:__
  3. Quarantine Facility (Below listed are your choices.)
    A. Home Quarantine (Kindly coordinate with barangay if you will be allowed for home quarantine) [ ]
    B. Government Provided Facility (This is voluntary. Your family members are to provide your needs such as food, beddings, pillows, etc.) [ ]
    C. Hotel ( This is at your own expense) [ ]
  4. Transport from port/airport (Commute/Private Vehicle)
    If private vehicle:
    A. Type of vehicle:
    B. Color of Vehicle :

    C. Plate number :__
  5. Point of Origin :__

Note: (FOR APORs) If staying for less than 7 days, no quarantine needed.
If staying for more than 7 days, 14-day quarantine is mandatory.

Note: If you obtain negative RT PCR results upon arrival in Iloilo City, you shall be deemed to have completed the 14-day quarantine.

Upon receipt of your complete documents and details, we will send you the following:

  1. Notice of Coordination
  2. Certificate of Acceptance

Should you have questions, you may call 0919-066-2333 and 0929-170-6363.*

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