Train forward

Life is too short not to share our experiences and learning.

This is what this column is about.

COVID-19 has put a halt to many of the things we have been used to. It has grounded planes and cancelled travels. It separated us from friends and loved ones with who we would have spent holidays and special occasions with.

Thousands of jobs have been lost, careers stalled, and businesses closing or barely keeping afloat. Conferences and events where people usually come together to learn and bond as a team have stopped.

Despite all these, learning cannot be chained. Although traditional institutions are floundering with the new normal, the current situation has pushed education and skill-learning to discover more platforms and adapt for survival.

With the rise of online learning, new ways of productivity have been explored – gardening, farming, cooking and baking, contact tracing, digital marketing, online businesses, health, and fitness, etc.

All these adaptations are reliant on the partnership of people willing to share and of people willing to learn.

For those with knowledge, experience, and expertise, this is the time to give back.

If we have attended personality and organizational development seminars, disaster management workshops, resiliency training, and other courses that aim to strengthen our body, mind, and spirit, now is the time to share our learnings.

Granted that this pandemic is way out of our expected risks and hazards, the core values of emotional intelligence, teamwork, growth-mindset, resiliency, and faith are still unshakeable foundations useful to all kinds of circumstances.

Let us share the worthy books we read. Let us spread CREDIBLE AND USEFUL resources. Let us impart stories of going through and surpassing challenges, experiencing success and failures, losses and gains, and most of all, the lessons that make us wiser, stronger, and more capable of handling what life may throw at us.

Maybe through these simple acts, we can help someone struggling, too. In the silence of the readings, maybe we can help someone learn, rise, heal, and create peace.

On a personal note, with this new normal comes a new information platform that I am grateful to now be officially a part of – thank you, Digicast Negros for this great opportunity to share and train forward!

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