To be with God is always feasible

We need to constantly remember that we are nothing without God. God is everything to us. We should never dare to think that we can be on our own, relying simply on our own human powers, no matter how good they are according to some human and worldly standards.

God is always with us. Being our Creator, he does not only put us into existence but also maintains us throughout our existence. He is at the very core of our life which, to be sure, is not only animal life, but rather a human life, endowed with an immortal soul. We are meant for eternal life. Our death is only a transition to our definitive life in eternity either in heaven or in hell.

We should do everything to correspond properly to this basic truth about ourselves. We have to consciously live our life with God always, and that is not only possible but also highly feasible, if we only do our part.

We have to learn to live by faith, making many acts of faith during the day so that we would always be aware of our constant need for God. In fact, God begs us to do so. “My child, give me your heart and let your eyes delight in my ways,” he says in the Book of Proverbs. (23,26)

God offers us everything that we need in whatever situation or predicament we may be in, be it good or bad according to our human terms. And what he provides is always attuned to our ultimate end which is to bring us to a definitive union with him in heaven for all eternity. What he gives does not only have a temporal value, but always an eternal one, one that will always work for our eternal salvation.

God’s love for us never ends. Even if we stray from him, he like the Good Shepherd will always look for us, eager to give us mercy. Let’s just hope that we on our part would not play hard to find.

We really need to make it something like an instinct to be with God. The first thing that we should do during the day, right after waking up, should be to address God, offering the whole day that is beginning and promising to spend it always with him. Of course, we have to find the appropriate means to make this happen, knowing our limitations and weaknesses in this regard.

We have to boost our sense of divine filiation, that abiding awareness that we are children of God, and not just of our parent, our country, or whatever. Like a child to his father, we should feel certain confidence and healthy familiarity and intimacy with God, as well as sharply aware of how we can uphold that ineffable dignity.

Throughout the day, we may have to make some pauses to remind ourselves of this most fundamental truth about ourselves, given our tendency to take God for granted. We have to sharpen our skills in recognizing God’s presence and his continuing interventions in everything that we do or that we get involved in.

To be sure, God is not someone who makes himself hard to find. He’s everywhere, and besides that, he is always in love with us. And we can always be with him also!*

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