Tawong Dalan to launch album on Sept. 22

Tawong Dalan, a band composed of four Negrenses, will hold its online album launch 6 p.m. Wednesday, September 22.

It will be live streamed on the official Facebook page of Tawong Dalan, lawyer Prince Delloso, the band’s vocalist, said.

“Tawong Dalan is a band composed of four people who come up with songs that speak of life lessons that are picked up from the streets, and the road of life as a whole,” Deloso said.

Their album includes several genres such as reggae-rock, ballad, and pop jazz, he said.

The songs in their album are all written in Hiligaynon aimed at touching the hearts of the masses, he added.

The members of Tawong Dalan are: Prince Gil F. Delloso on vocals, Angelo Oro on guitars, Christian Samillano on bass, and Nathanael Paul Castillo on drums.*

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