S&R set to open in Bacolod, creating more than 200 jobs

So Ha Uy, Mayor Alfredo Benitez and Anthony Sy (l-r) hold up the S&R lot lease contract they signed on Friday.*

S&R Membership Shopping, a warehouse club that retails premium quality imported products, will be hiring more than 200 Bacolodnons when its outlet opens at the Bacolod reclamation area, its president Anthony Sy said Friday, September 30.

Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez signed a contract with Sy for the lease of a 200-square meter road lot owned by Bacolod City at the reclamation area to S & R.

So Ha Uy representing the lot-lessors of S &R was also a signatory.

Benitez said the entry of S& R is good because Bacolod is poised for a strong economic comeback.

“The economic recovery that we have planned for the city is now kicking in and will soon materialize, which will help every Bacolodnon recover from the pandemic,” Benitez said.

Sy said he could not give a definite date when S&R will open in Bacolod but they are very excited to finally be able to soon serve their members in the city.

“We are equally excited to start new traditions here in Bacolod, as we bring a world-class membership shopping experience here for families and institutions to enjoy. In partnership with the LGU’s, we see this as an opportunity to grow and be part of the catalyst to jumpstart and further accelerate the development of Bacolod City,” he said.

“We intend to be a reliable partner for world-class quality products at the lowest possible price, alongside being a catalyst to the people of Bacolod as we provide employment and career development opportunities,” Sy added.

He said they are looking forward to a long term partnership with the City of Bacolod.

The ground floor of the S& R building in Bacolod will be for parking and the second floor for shopping, he said.

During the construction phase they will also provide a lot of jobs for Bacolodnons, he said.

He said aside from the 200 to 220 Bacolod residents they will hire when S&R opens, their suppliers will also provide ancillary jobs.*

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