Sipalay eases restrictions for travelers

The Sipalay City government has further eased its restrictions on travelers coming from Western Visayas and other regions with the implementation of the national government’s uniform travel policy.

Mayor Maria Gina Lizares, in an executive order signed Tuesday, March 16, said tourists from the province and Bacolod City are no longer required to present any travel documents.

Travelers from the region will also be allowed entry to the city provided they follow the requirements set by the provincial and local governments, which include S-Pass registration and a Travel Coordination Permit.

Tourists from outside the region are required to present their negative Real Time-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) tests within 72 hours from the swab extraction.

The mayor stressed in the order, which took effect Wednesday, March 17, that they should still pass the symptoms screening upon entry to the province.

Tourism Online Registration will no longer be required. However, each accommodation establishment will provide Health Declaration forms for their guests, the EO said.

Accommodation establishments are also required to provide upright thermal scanners and to constantly monitor their guests for symptoms.

The Sipalay Travel Form will no longer be required for non-residents to enter the city, but border checkpoints will strictly implement symptoms screening and will deny entry to travelers who fail it, the EO also said.

Tourists traveling through public transport will now be allowed entry.

For locally stranded individuals and returning overseas Filipinos, they are still required to register for an S-PaSS and apply for a Travel Coordination Permit.

They should also have negative RT-PCR test results within 72 hours from swab extraction, prior to their travel, the EO added.

Those who fail to comply with the order will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, the EO said.*

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