Robbery of teacher’s federation employees ‘not inside job’

An official of the Negros Occidental Teachers Federation (NOTF) denied that the robbery of its liaison officer and two employees was an “inside job” or “hold-up me” incident.

Romeo Camporaso, NOTF public information officer, said Friday, May 27, that there was even a commotion and the victims immediately asked for help from the security personnel and police who were at the Negros First CyberCentre.

The riding-in-tandem suspects, as seen from the vehicle’s dash camera, carted away more than P600,000 from the victims who had just withdrawn the money from a nearby bank. They pointed a gun at the victims who were in the vehicle parked at the parking lot.

Camporaso said they have closed-circuit television footage showing the suspects were following the victims’ vehicle from their office.

The police said it is possible that the robbery was an “inside job” or “hold-up me” incident since the suspects and victims arrived at the CyberCentre almost at the same time.*

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